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Vu+ Zero Receptor Satélite DVB-S2 HD

Vu+ Zero Receptor Satélite DVB-S2 HD Smart Card 512 MB RAM, 256 MB Flash, conexión ethernet LAN y HDMI.

127.99 €
Delivery weight: 1 kg

Combo meter DVB-S2 HD Satellite Terrestrial DVB-T2

This combo Signal Finder Meter DVB-S, DVB-T and DVB-C H D TFT-LCD screen HD (Hight quality).

399.99 €

TV-SAT mixer

TV-SAT mixer Lintel with current flow to lower the signal from both antennas in one cable.

2.61 €

KIT Hotbird 13º and Astra 19º

With Hotbird Astra kit you will see the orientation of Astra satellites (19º East) and Hotbird (13º East) with a single antenna.

39.99 €
Delivery weight: 23 kg

Fonestar satellite receiver RDS-584 HD

HD satellite receiver with HDMI output and PVR function with time shift, record and allows you to view satellite television in HD.

124.99 €

F adapter with male IEC connector

Adapter F with angle of 90 º Lintel and with male IEC connector at the other end of 9,5 millimeters in diameter.

5.53 €

Satellite dish Kit 60cm Diesl.com 4 users

Kit antenna 60cm for  4 users, the kit with best value in the market. Valid to capture Astra 19,2ºE.

33.50 €

Avant amplier 7 inputs 2 outputs

Avant HD amplifier 7e / 2s FM-BIII / DAB-TB-UUU-FI ( 790 MHz ). Header amplification analog / digital.

363.00 €

LNB Universal Acamar Offset 0.1 dB Diesl.com

Universal LNB offset 0.1 dB Diesl.com with retractable shield included. High sensitivity, optimized reception.

3.48 €

Expositor PLV LNB´S Diesl.com

PLV Expositor LNB's diesl.com for all types of satellite dishes and multiple users, selling specialized perfect for your shop.
128.99 €

French channels TNT SAT card Duration 4 YEARS

Card renewal platform for French pay TV TNTSAT. Signal reception for satellite Astra 19º..

68.99 €

Satfinder TDT spectrum Dintel

The TDT Locator sound spectrum to target a TDT antenna and capture the best possible signal.

105.71 €

Multisatellite satellite dish 85cm

Satellite Multisatellite 85cm offset Diesl.com, galvanized steel, with 37.6dB gain - 38.3 dB.

69.77 €
Delivery weight: 23 kg

Coaxial Cable 25m coil Dintel

Coaxial cable coil of 25 meters in length with a high - quality facilities for both indoor and outdoor.

9.20 €

5-2400MHz deliveryman F 2 outputs

5-2400MHz deliveryman with type F connection, 2 outputs. Low insertion loss, high isolation and perfect performance index.

2.04 €

Parabólica Esat 60cm Offset Diesl.com 34.8 dB - 36.8 dB

Satellite dish 60cm offset Diesl.com, galvanized steel, with a gain of 34.8 dB - 36.8 dB .

11.13 €
Delivery weight: 14 kg

Coil of coaxial cable 100 meters

Coil of coaxial cable 100 meters long with high - quality facilities for both indoor and outdoor.

27.49 €

Disecq with 4 inputs and 1 output LNB

Disecq with 4 inputs and 1 output LNB . 950-2400 MHz.Excelente frequency between quality components and low loss .

2.61 €

Kit antenna satellite dish 80cm Diesl.com 8 users

Kit 80cm antenna Diesl.com for 8 users. Valid to capture satellites such as Eurobird 9A, Eutelsat 10A or Hotbird.
55.99 €

Parabolic support Alcor L SP 30

Support dish type L SP30. Valid for parabolic antennas 50-60 cm in diameter. Ref SP30 Diesl.com

3.91 €
5.81 €
Delivery weight: 0.72 kg

Universal LNB Televes

Range of universal LNBs low noise figure and high gain that allow capturing signals in the KU band.

4.99 €

Kit 50cm satellite dish Diesl.com 4 users

Kit antenna 50cm for 4 users, the kit with best value in the market. Valid to capture Astra 19,2ºE.

31.99 €

F connector 25 Units Exchange

"F" connector metallic thread (6.5mm). Satellite connection.

It supplied in bags of 25 units.

5.71 €

TELEVES takes Separator TV / FM-SAT Televés 5226

The new system incorporates bridascuya main advantage is the ease of viewing close to the ground connections. Reference 5226

4.66 €
6.78 €

100cm steel dish off-set orange Televes

100cm steel dish off-set orange Televes 753,410 40.5 dB. Parabolic discs of steel and aluminum .

91.06 €
Delivery weight: 26 kg

Remote control extender Dintel

RF transmitter control with low power consumption. Transmission Edit with distance up to 100 m.

32.94 €

Support parabolic Sarir in L SP50

Support type dish antennas L. Valid for 100-110 centimeters in diameter. Diesl.com SP50 Ref.

11.17 €
Delivery weight: 3.52 kg

Garra mast Maia 300mm / 50mm Diesl.com

Based claw 300mm / 50mm Diesl . Claw fixing bracket to the wall with plugs to improve its stability and security.

4.89 €
8.11 €

Inside amplifier 1e / 3s Televes

Amplifier inside homes MATV F connector of the brand Televes 552240 of 1entrada and 3 Exits.

30.12 €

Televes connector male shielded PRO easyF

PRO easyF connector, IEC male. Simplicity and speed of assembly, electronically perfect and secure connection.

0.98 €